MAY the 4th be with you

These guys turned up at Freestone HQ today to see if we could help them with some plans.

We suggested they came in for a coffee and a chat to see how we could possibly help. We always like to try and help.

I was thinking the guy in black must be a real big shot as he had two personal guards with him. I felt terrible as one of his guards banged his head on the door as he came in.

The big guy’s name turned out to be Lord Vader (Russian maybe?), he kept going on about some lady called Leia. Maybe she is from another agency as he said she had taken some plans. He was pretty angry to say the least…I think he had a bit of a dark side to him!

Anyway, turns out he had a large project planned for a space station which sounded exciting.

I had to explain to Darth (we made it to first name terms by the end of the meeting) that we were more a local agency working with companies in Beds, Bucks and Northants and the project was maybe outside our remit.

Darth said he was off to Alderaan later that day to try and catch up with this Leia lady. I said I had never heard of the place, but this Leia sounded like a force to be reckoned with and wished him luck tracking her down.

Maybe he was having a bad day, but I reckon once you got to know Lord Vader, he might turn out to be a decent guy in the end.

Just as they were leaving Darth turned around and asked what the date was.

May the 3rd…why?

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Back in 1984 some great things were created…

Italy’s most famous car marque, Ferrari, launched the iconic Testarossa.

Hollywood produced future classics such as The Terminator, Gremlins, Footloose, The Karate Kid and Beverly Hills Cop and fortunately George Orwell’s dystopian future hadn’t materialised.


Meanwhile in the small market town of Towcester, Stuart Freestone founded Freestone Creative.

35 years later and still as fresh, Freestone Creative take a look back on the journey taken to get where we are now.

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BHW Group website refresh

Question: What do you know about winches?

If you had asked us this time last year, our answer would have been not a lot. Well, everyday is a school day as they say and now, having worked very closely with the Bushey Hall Winchmaster (BHW) Group over the last 12 months, we consider ourselves bona-fide experts on the subject of winches. It’s this kind of schooling that underlines how we at Freestone approach each and every client website project.

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Freestone teams up with Bridge Academy South school

Bridge Academy South PBL Invitation
Bridge Academy South PBL Invitation

Freestone’s graphic design and web design skills have benefited many small and charitable organisations over the years and we do like to help out in our community wherever we can. So when we were contacted by the Lead of Project Based Learning (PBL) at Bridge Academy South (BAS) to assist in their latest web based project we were more than happy to lend them our expertise.

Our role involved mentoring a group of students tasked with creating a web site designed to raise funds for the WWF. The project entitled Endangered Species was created by the school to increase awareness of the plight of animals across the planet. From lions and giraffes to bees Continue reading

One Man’s Summer

From SAD to SUP…

We experienced the first sub-zero temperatures here in Milton Keynes earlier this week which was a bit of an unfortunate reminder that ‘Winter is coming’. Warm jackets were brought out from the back of the wardrobe, the heating was cranked up a few degrees and salads have been well and truly replaced with warming soups and hot, pastry based items.

Rather than dwell on the dark days ahead I thought I’d share some memories and images from earlier on this year which might help stave off any inflictions of seasonal affective disorder, or SAD as it is so aptly abbreviated! Continue reading