We love Gin at Freestone as you can probably tell from the numerous posts on the subject – so when asked by Horsler Lift Services to not only create a Gin brand but also a Gin boutique bar to enjoy the Gin in – we were excited.

There was only one real requirement – any branding that was created must include ducks – yes ducks!!!

So we did.

The EnGINeers brand was born with a brand new crest that included ducks. The brand was applied to the Gin, the Gin boutique bar and various other elements around the bar to create that relaxed speak-easy feel – including napkins and cocktail stirrers. We even created some new Gin-based cocktails “Horsler Fizz”, “The Elevator” and “What’s Up Duck” – which were enjoyed by all that visited the bar. The concept was epitomised by the bars tag line “Lifting spirits and elevating business relationships”.

The event, which was the LIFTEX International at ExCel in London, was a huge success and all the Gin was gone by the final day.

A few months later a Prosecco brand was also created for a Christmas gift for their clients. . .

. . . and yes it still contained the ducks.