RED have been serving the UK Recovery Industry for over 20 years, and are part of the BHW Group Ltd which has been serving the Recovery Industry since 1978. However, their existing website was causing them a headache. Two separate systems, SAP B1 and ZenCart, were being used to control stock levels and this was effectively doubling the RED teams workload as stock control had to be done at two points with neither system talking to each other.

With the help of Freestone they have addressed the need to bring their website up-to-date, not only terms of visual appeal, but in how they sell to their knowledgable customers online.

Built using WordPress and WooCommerce, Freestone has given RED a face-lift to their online presence as well as providing a much needed connection between their CRM and their customers. In addition customers are now able to use two payment gateways (WorldPay & PayPal) to make online payments allowing for greater flexibility for online purchases.

At the same time as launching the new website, we designed and delivered an email campaign which helped to publicise their online revamp to their customers and also gave RED the ideal opportunity to respond to GDPR requirements with a much needed data cleanse.