Post-lockdown event #1.

A fantastic event, which embraced this new world we’re living in, to launch the Polestar 2 all-electric vehicle to UK journalists.

The Polestar 2s were delivered to journalists’ homes the night before the event, who then drove them to Millbrook Proving Ground the following day. What better way to get to know a car than a road-trip?

Once at Millbrook, journalists transferred into another Polestar 2 linked to individual screens enabling them to talk to technical experts back in Sweden, so they didn’t have to leave the safe social bubble of the car. Finally, they took the car for another spin around Millbrook.

Our role included planning the space with 3D CAD drawings, installing all the AV, being present on-site for any technical hitches, creating the staging and of course the usual Freestone event graphic magic touch which this time included the production of 2.3 metre number 2s. Check out the pictures below.

Post-lockdown event #1 – success.