2020 was the year of no events – so, let’s take a look at some of the great Goodwood Festival of Speed graphics we have been involved in with Mercedes-Benz over the last 15 years.

The range of work was so diverse. Installing 30m x 10m banner graphics, applying vinyls, acrylic branding, picture frames, car liveries (some that glowed), floor graphics, topiary, product displays, graphical screens, classic steering wheel displays, trophy displays, car specs, menus, furniture. The list was endless and that was the beauty of Goodwood. You would arrive at 6 in the morning and work through till the early hours the following morning moving from one type of graphic to another, watching it all come together just as you created and planned back in the studio.

And then once done – that immense sense of satisfaction as you jumped in the car at 2am and sauntered that 2-3 hour drive home – knowing it was done – the best feeling ever.