World Premiere Porsche 911 GT2 RS

It’s really something when a client entrusts you with their hyper important World Premiere, even more special when it turns out to be the flagship of their production vehicles – the fastest and most brutal road going 911 ever built (EVER EVER) and I am reliably informed that’s quite a long time!
Well, and there’s no way of being modest about this – cue fanfare  – we’re incredibly proud to announce that’s exactly what happened when Porsche awarded Freestone their latest launch event project (correct at time of publishing), in fact this was the ‘world premiere – more fanfare – of the legendary 911 GT2 RS’ no less. 
Now, we’re incredibly privileged and in real terms ‘very humbled’ to work for some of the world’s most prestigious and desirable car brands and their products (amongst other things), but it’s difficult to let this one go by without some sort of a mention (however brief), a real landmark project if ever there was one…  enough said about us, here’s a snippet of what the world press had to say after the launch: EVO ‘New Porsche 911 GT2 RS review – monstrous performance drives 911 to a new level’ (five stars)  TOPGEARFive seconds faster than the Lamborghini Huracán Performante’  AUTOCAR ‘We can forget about part-electric hypercars for a bit because…’  event deemed a great success!  For more detail on what we actually did please contact us.