BHW Group

From the outset it was abundantly clear to everyone involved that the previous incarnation of BHW’s website was outdated in terms of function as well as appearance. A sprawling navigation and lack of a discernible customer journey was the direct result of the old website being built on a rigid template system that didn’t flex to the needs of the business.

To solve this we chose to build the new website on the back of WordPress which addressed the clients’ requirement to have a website that was not only built on a recognisable and widely supported CMS and also gave them the control they badly needed so that they could easily manage the website after launch.

Suffice to say it was a long journey for all of us and fair play to the client who put in a massive shift to address operational issues that affected not only their business online but how they would manage their business ongoing.

So how did the client feel about their new website on launch day?

“We think it looks absolutely fantastic. No wonder it all took a while to design. Lots of information, without being over-wordy, and so easy to navigate to find the categories, specific products and market sectors. Has a really up-to-date look about it, and knocks the competition into a cocked hat for design. Really congratulate you and Freestone for producing a great website.”

It’s quotes like these that make all the hard work worthwhile…


Porsche Cayenne

Having completed a successful Guinness World Record Attempt, Porsche attracted some very complimentary press coverage from traditional and online channels. The challenge that followed was to produce a brochure that could be utilised by the Porsche Dealer network enabling customers to read about the successful record attempt. We decided the most effective solution would be to design a coffee table book featuring the press quotes telling the story from start to finish.

Hotel La Tour

A strong brand identity reinforces and reminds customers of the brand they are experiencing; enhancing the experience aesthetically, and ensuring recognition and placement of the brand. Freestone developed a complete rebrand for Hotel La Tour, including new logo, colour palette, imagery and layouts — applying this ‘philosophy’ with standout and consistency across the Hotel La Tour exterior, interior and marketing materials. The creative approach and execution elevated the look and feel to a 5-star experience with aspirations of attracting customers to experience the most luxurious hotel in the city of Birmingham.


Working in partnership with a leading events agency, Freestone were briefed to develop creative collateral to dress a major launch event for the New SEAT Ateca.

A range of display graphics brought the surroundings to life and added an exciting backdrop to overall event.


The Audi events portal has been structured to hold all the information and tools you need to plan a successful and memorable Audi event. The portal displays various event equipment which can be added to a basket and submitted as an event enquiry. The site also includes important information such as brand guidelines, health & safety, taxation, and insurance. The portal has been carefully considered and designed to maintain and promote the Audi brand look and feel.