Web design & Development

Freestone are a creative agency with the capability of delivering high-quality digital marketing. We work with businesses of all sizes transforming their online presence. Freestone have a dedicated digital and web team with specialist professionals experienced in a wide range of development practices and programming languages.

Our team deliver modern websites which include creative graphics from our design studio. Engaging content, sound, animation, and colour create a walking interactive company experience, bringing the brand personality to life.

The best websites understand their customers and respect their needs and preferences. A company website should quickly answer these questions: 'Who is this company?' ‘Is it clear about what they offer?' 'What’s in it for me?'

Our approach always centres on insight and how customers engage on the web. Our designers, programmers and SEO experts will help you build your business online, whilst also getting the most from your web budget.

‘Freestone are a fantastic agency, I thoroughly enjoy working with them and would always recommend their services. Extremely approachable, and understand my business requirements’. Quote taken from our RAR accreditation

What do we
specialise in?

  • Responsive web design
  • Application development
  • PHP - Laravel Framework
  • Wordpress themes
  • Email marketing
  • CMS
  • UX/UI design
  • SEO & analytics
  • Campaign reporting
  • Digital asset management

Meet our digital team

Freestone has been delivering excellent work consistently for a number of years. Our team are extremely well trained, talented and understand the need for our output to exceed expectations everyday.

Their particular skills are:

  • producing top-end design and technical solutions
  • matching design styles identically to those already adopted by clients
  • total adherence to, and respect for brand guidelines
  • thorough planning and documentation at the outset
  • delivering work/fixes quickly even at short notice
  • ensuring that the client is kept up to date at all times
  • being easy to work with and transparent at all times

Key milestones

  • Briefing, questionnaire or workshop
  • Development of site plan
  • Approval of prototype
  • Approval of functional specifications
  • Approval of concepts
  • Creation and insertion of content
  • Approval of working site
  • Client training and handover

Security Management

Freestone take Information Security Management seriously Freestone is ISO/IEC 27001:2013 Certified. This gives our clients peace of mind. Knowing that you are dealing with a partner that takes your information seriously means you can be sure that we are working and producing everything to a recognised industry standard to protect you and your customer data.

How we work

We start by gathering and compiling stakeholder ideas and understanding their brief. There are various ways to do this-whether it is via a questionnaire or via client interviews or workshops.

Site architecture and prototyping
We draw architectural style plans and convert them into working online prototypes. This enables all stakeholders to test the user experience from the perspective of every target audience.

Bespoke design
Our designers have superb understanding of user interface design, user experience, branding, search engine optimisation, accessibility, content management, and of course, good clean creative design.

Collaboration with clients
We encourage strong working relationships with clients. We listen and work to their input and feedback at defined moments during the project; presenting various options and assisting with the selection of the most appropriate direction to take.

Customisation and Configuration
Our technology is both powerful and easy to use. Once we define the functional and technical requirements, we configure the system and build bespoke functions according to our client’s exact requirements.

Training is provided so that clients can implement manageable updates to the website themselves. We provide full support and aim to respond to user questions or technical issues immediately or within minutes of a call.

Online marketing
Our overriding aim is to help clients generate more business. We plan the marketing of the website during the planning phase of the project, which enables us to hit the ground running with marketing promotion when the site is live.

Freestone is on the Recommended Agency Register (RAR)

RAR accreditation is a yearly report produced by the Recommended Agency Register in which RAR analyse the businesses of agencies within the UK. Freestone has been approved and accredited in a number of relevant industry disciplines. The sample quotes on this page are from our accreditation process.