Thinking inside the box

Earlier on this year Freestone were asked to support one of our regular clients in helping them to bring an idea to life for an internal engagement piece. As part of a worldwide campaign to change staff mindsets and recognition that happy colleagues make for happy customers, this particular piece involved the design and production of a recognition toolkit. Given to managers, it would contain visual prompts, reminders and details around how colleagues could be recognised for their efforts.

Following some initial meetings with the stakeholders to understand more about the project, the box was to contain a number of different touch points (all designed to highlight one of two key messages); from a brightly coloured alarm clock, to highlight the value of taking time to sit down with colleagues, to a recognition card, essentially a small thank you for a treat from the coffee shop. Whilst the client already had ideas for each item, Freestone would support with the sourcing and branding of these plus the creative design and production of the various printed elements, including folded thank you cards and envelopes and a brightly coloured ‘how-to’ guide.

The box required consideration as it needed to fit within the lockers allocated to staff, have space to contain each of the items and allow for some artwork on the lid. Following some research the decision was made to use an off the shelf option to help keep costs down.
We then designed and fabricated a cut foam inner to hold everything in place, made a little more challenging given the varying size and shape of the items it needed to contain but also given the request for the bottom layer to be blue. We had to consider how we cut the multiple layers and how the blue layer would show around the shape of the item – a few rounds of ‘adjustment’ were required!

Project management involved a whole host of processes and steps, including coordinating 8 different suppliers, which we managed throughout, finishing with the fulfilment and delivery of all 80 boxes.

Client feedback has been really positive and seems to already have had an impact in the way managers are rewarding colleagues.