There’s photography and then there’s PHOTOGRAPHY

Although I haven’t got any stats I believe all marketeers acknowledge and appreciate the value of a great photograph when they see one – as they say, “a picture can say a thousand words”. Fair to say in most cases ‘we’ need the picture to sell a dream, product or service. In effect, we need to stir the emotions. For example and to state the obvious, not many people actually ‘need’ an Aston Martin, as clearly almost all of us just need to get from ‘A to B’.
But it has to be said, most people possibly ‘desire’ one. Great photography can help trigger or fuel the desire to own one. Probably not so well known is quite a high proportion of our images are ‘helped’ to greatness long after the shutter has actually closed – this is called ‘post production’. It’s quite common for a photographer to take hundreds of images in one shoot and then a careful selection to be made. Sometimes the finished image may originate from more than one image. It’s certainly not that unusual for a day or longer to be spent on one image to maximise its potential.
Anyway, to illustrate the differences between original and post produced I have the displayed the archetypal ‘before and after’ imagery, I am sure you agree they are poles apart and well worth the additional work and budget. It goes without saying, the better the original the more successful the final image.
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