The “not so silent” salesman

“We were briefed by the client to increase the awareness of Mitsubishi Canter within the Mercedes-Benz Commercial Vehicle Dealer network. The device also needed to inform the customer about the versatility of the Mitsubishi Canter due to the absence of on-site salesperson in some of the Dealerships.

The solution was a bespoke stand which became the information hub for the Mitsubishi Canter. It held relevant literature, had inter-changeable offer posters, contact details for the Salesperson and even an integrated digital screen that could show film (with sound) and images of the Mitsubishi Canter.

The stand was delivered out to over 80 sites with full telephone and on-line support service from Freestone. New posters and new digital files will be sent periodically to the network throughout the year.”

If you require any more information on this project please do not hesitate to contact Gerard Donohue on: 01908 265656 or e-mail him on: [email protected]