the Nominations are…. La La land…

Most people can remember the moment Faye Dunaway and Warren Beatty incorrectly named La La Land as the winner of best picture in the Oscars feb 2017, it was a slightly uncomfortable moment to say the least – the audience looked on with absolute disbelief as did the cast and crew of La La Land, the stage fell into disarray Warren Beatty retook the mic and ad-libbed an excuse/explanation … as with all these things people are less likely to remember the rightful winner… (Moonlight)

Apparently death threats followed and some poor back stage people managed to get themselves nominated as official scape goats and were ceremoniously shown the door – ‘Only in America’ as they say!

Where is this going you ask? Yes you’ve guessed it – it’s a rather tenuous link to announce Freestone Creative have been nominated in the RAR industry awards in no less than 3 categories, hooray ….Advertising, Direct Marketing and Promotional Marketing, joking aside – we’re all quite proud to be recognised ….  We’ll keep you informed.