The Boneshaker Arrives!

Some of you will no doubt know that early in 2007 I decided to join the ever growing army of “grey bikers”… …although I must admit I caused my mother some concern ( yes even at my age) as when I phoned her and said I had joined the ever growing ranks of the grey bikers, she miss heard me and thought I said gay bikers, and asked me what about my wife and two children!!!!

Anyway, having put her mind at rest, I entered into the world of biking…

I had always liked the idea of designing your own bike, and influenced by people such as the Garage Company in Los Angeles… decided I would have a go at it!

So with the help of a company called Boneshaker Choppers I set about the task… 6 months later and after numerous get togethers with the build company the bike arrived… so here it is. Based on a 1200 Harley Sportster, the bike has a hardtail rear end, springer front and an S&S shorty carb amongst other things… so its quite a ride!

Anyway, thought I would post up some pictures – before it gets too dirty!

Hope you like it… and if you fancy a custom bike I highly recommend you give Benny @ Boneshaker Choppers a call. Check out there site