Stuart Freestone

35 years in the advertising, publishing and marketing business (there’s been some changes), hobbies include tennis (slightly average), clay shooting (rubbish on a good day) and a rather unhealthy interest in cars and motorcycles.

Glen Trouse

Started life as a Graphic Designer and failed. Now 20 years on managing accounts and delivering great projects. Unhealthy interest in all things Star Wars, and have had to call on the Force more than once to get through some difficult projects.

Gerard Donohue

20 years’ experience in managing client accounts, enjoying the variety of projects that get thrown my way. Dabble in sports (non competitive – I occasionally kick a ball), films, US action/drama box sets and recently discovered family camping (the jury’s still out on that one).

Mathew Rowland

After spending 10 years in the event management ‘game’ and doing the do, I made the move to account management but still love the ‘do’.

Hobbies include cooking, eating said cooking, followed by a rather enthusiastic run.

Fiona Baker

30 years’ experience, loathes double spaces, appreciates a well-placed apostrophe. Owned by two boisterous terriers. More likely to be found looking for new walking boots than for a pair of killer heels.