The Old Pump House – 1884 to 1990

The Stony Stratford Pump House was built in 1884. At the same time a water tower was built on higher ground at the corner of Augustus Road and Calverton Road. Their joint use ensured the supply of water to the town of Stony Stratford.

The pump house was operational between 1884 and 1950 but due to the development of larger reservoirs the pump house and water tower fell into disuse.
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The Old Pump House – 1990 to date

Can you imagine our premises as a teashop, a family home, a gym or a boathouse? Well other people clearly could – and did. In fact by the time we purchased it, The Old Pump House had changed hands on many occasions since being vacated by the water company many years before. Each new owner had brought a new idea to the table. But, it has to be said, none of those ideas ever amounted to more than yet another set of architectural drawings – all of which are still lying about somewhere today.
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