Our Man in Brazil, the epic trek

A captivating diary report from our friend Andrew Bullock who treked across Brazil on behalf of UNICEF. Across the Bocaina National Park, from Sao Jose do Barreiro to Mambucaba – Angra dos Reis. This is a central route made in stones by the slaves at the end of the 18th Century, originally used by the Guaianazes Indians and later by troops leading donkeys filled with gold from the Minas Gerais, and coffee from the vale paraibano………….thats why its called “Trilha Do Ouro” or “The Gold Route”. Continue reading

Trek Brazil

For those of you feeling in a generous mood, a worthy recipient comes in the form of our good friend and general adrenaline junkie, Andrew Bullock. For 6 days during March 2009 he will embark on a hair-raising trek around Brazil, covering 125km on very little flat ground! Much of the terrain is mountainous with rivers, waterfalls, jungle paths and caves to contend with.
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