Sponsored bike ride… well sort of

I recently got talked into participating in a world-wide ‘sponsored motorcycle ride’ on the basis that obviously it’s a good cause (but then aren’t they all). It’s no secret, I quite like motorcycles and have been known to don a little bit of tweed (not often – honest!)…  but that’s OK because it happens to be the set dress code for the event, so all in all, actually ‘on paper’ it’s an almost perfect fit (unlike the tweed suit that l will be wearing on the day).

So what’s it all about then? In brief – it’s a world-wide sponsored motorcycle ride to raise funds and awareness for men’s health and prostate cancer on behalf
of the Movember Foundation (this is happening in countless countries – I am told there must be 30 or so, just in the UK).

Putting some facts and figures to all of this…

Amazingly, there are ‘at present’ no less than 48,401 riders registered to do this (that’s the world-wide number) with over 650 just on the London ride that I have signed up for, and, to date, they have raised just short of $2,000,000 – a big number.

Some astonishing and quite concerning numbers:
Prostate cancer affects more men than any other cancer, taking the lives of close to 307,000 men each year – a number surpassed by 500,000 men who commit suicide.  That’s 807,000 men every year – some very big numbers!


DONE AND DUSTED – here’s a picture of me on Tower Bridge.
A big thank you for all that supported me