Photo realism 3D rendering

Jango Store BedRecently, whilst chatting to a client about general business (furniture importer), he outlined the basic procedures involved in bringing a brand new product to the market place. Needless to say, it was pretty involved, what with prototyping – the huge distances (China) don’t help – moreover the language and all the import wrangles, not to mention the financing of it all.
Once the product is finally here in the UK, sales photography would need to be commissioned, room sets built etc., eventually it would be promoted and with any luck – turn a profit!

We jointly agreed we would explore photorealism CAD rendering for his latest product, to streamline not only the scheduling but the budget, more as an experiment than anything else.

We set about creating a few sample 3D CAD renders – all we needed were the engineering drawings and a few fittings – all of which were easy to secure very early on in the proceedings. The results, I am pleased to announce ‘exceeded expectations’! …. want to know more? Give us a call and ask for Stuart – we would be happy to discuss future possibilities.