…one of those show biz pregnant pauses

followed by the winner is… (insert lengthy awkward pause)… ‘Freestone Creative’, yay!
…Unaccustomed as I am, I’d like to thank my Mother, my auntie Mary… joking aside we’re actually really over the moon here. I think at this stage I must point out that to make sense of this post you might have to read the previous post (and the winner is La La Land). But in a nutshell Freestone Creative were nominated and ‘won’ an industry award for advertising.
Each year the recommended agency register download their ratings to identify which agencies are the highest-rated by their clients, and recognise those agencies via the RAR Awards. Winning can only be achieved through the high regard of clients, demonstrated with ratings on recommendedagencies.com – quite a big deal in reality – a massive thank you to everyone who rated us!