News just in…

skoda-logoWhat with winning so many awards of late for the quality of their vehicles, ŠKODA have plenty to shout about. And like any good organisation they want their staff to know that they couldn’t have done it without them. 

With over 10,000 employees based in and around the UK, this is no mean feat for any internal comms manager. So how do you communicate so much good news to so many? And who do you trust to represent a brand as well liked and respected as ŠKODA?

FreestoneDM of course.

Fast, flexible and most importantly affordable (not quite the three F’s we grant you but go with it) our EDM gives clients such as ŠKODA the opportunity to react to news within the Brand, the Volkswagen Group and the industry and communicate this at a moment’s notice. Marry that with a comprehensive reporting system that can tell you who opened what and where in realtime, well we think that’s newsworthy.
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