New man Graham is ‘Marathon Man’!

London MarathonProudly announcing – cue lengthy drum roll – Graham our new web developer is bravely running the forthcoming London Marathon (April 13th). It turns out he’s no stranger to this sort of activity having already completed it three times prior to this occasion. He tells us he started his training schedule back in mid December, (no Christmas pudding for him then!) training all through the high winds and flooding that has characterised much of our winter – enough to test anyone’s resolve, his training culminating in four runs per week totalling over 50 miles, the longest single run being 21 miles.
Graham’s target is to achieve a sub 4 hour time for the 26.2 mile run. His best time so far 4:09 (last year at Brighton). If you like stats: he also said that he has lost fourteen pounds (1 stone in old money) and 2 inches off his waist line since the start of his programme… Last year 125,000 entered the ballot to run, with 34,631 actually participating. Apparently the 2014 event will be the 34th London marathon. The wheelchair entrants are quicker than the actual runners with incredible times like 1:31 as opposed to top-top runners at 2:03. The event drew 700,000 fans and spectators (2013). We wish him luck!

Fancy having a go, but don’t know diddly?
perhaps follow this link (click here)