Mug shots

Our mugs overfloweth

None of us could agree on what to do to mark Christmas this year – no change there then! So the conclusion was to have a series of small “happenings” starting quite early (ridiculously early in reality). September’s event was ‘company mug painting’ and about a dozen of us took part…

Now, I’m not making excuses but I must say it’s much harder than it looks and it doesn’t look particularly easy. As a result I can confirm that the esteemed Emma Bridgewater empire is completely safe – for the moment anyway. The shares did falter for a millisecond but then bounced right back.

Not that we are a competitive lot but there was some self administered and quite considerable pressure to create something creative/different/special! One notable member of the team thought it would be pure genius to paint his mug for his wife’s ‘wedding anniversary present’ – not sure how well that went down, but I think they’re still together! We all finished the night off in the curry house.

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