Our team

We’ve got just the right balance of creative thinkers, intelligent designers and project managers to come up with exciting ideas then make them happen, on time and within budget.

We’re a highly experienced team and passionate about what we do. We’re easy to work with, love teamwork and get on well with each other and our clients. We’re committed to ensure that our clients are 100% happy with our service — after all, we want them to come back for more.

Dedicated to producing outstanding creative and projects for clients, Freestone people like to say ‘yes we can’. That’s why we’re also well known for getting our clients out of sticky situations and achieving so-called ‘impossible’ turnaround times.

We couldn’t do this without our exceptional network of suppliers who are a big part of our team. In a fast-paced environment we need suppliers we can rely on. And we’re lucky to work with the best.