Looking for Adventure, how far will you go?

92f69ada-42f5-4aad-98d2-e953ec9c78c1We’re all in someway seeking some sort of adventure, ‘time of our lives’ freedom… escape from the humdrum et cetera. So it didn’t really come as too much of a surprise when our colleague Harry shared that he was off to India for such a trip.

There were a few raised eyebrows and looks of slight astonishment as he started to share some of the ‘finer’ details of his excursion – momentary silence and hesitation followed by numerous vocal opinions and sound advice, all pretty varied but “you’re absolutely bonkers” and “that’s flipping fanstatic, where do I sign?” sums up the general trend.



So our Harry flies out to New Delhi, catches a connecting flight to Shillong (NE India) where he meets up with two other friends to start their 2,000 mile journey in a 7hp rickshaw (we believe that 7hp is possibly slightly optimistic – we think 5 is closer to the mark) with a max speed of 40mph (again, general consensus ‘a hugely optimistic figure’ but with their roads – plenty!). As for the route, well you guessed it – there isn’t one, it’s A to B… and that being the case it’s no surprise there isn’t any accommodation booked either… (I wonder if sat nav works).



The trip ends in Kochin in the far south, some two and a half weeks later where upon they will hand their beloved rickshaw back to the organisers (although organisers is possibly the wrong word for them) and get on a plane home. You have to admit, it sounds like something straight off Top Gear… as they say “what could possibly go wrong?”…

I have to say, it’s all in aid of charity, of which there are two, so ‘fair do’s’ to the boys (smiling and slight nodding motion of the head).

If you’re feeling generous, here are the links to their Justgiving pages – I am sure any amount would be gratefully received, no matter how small.

Coolearth – working alongside indigenous villages to halt rainforest destruction


Parkinson’s UK – offering support and funding research to find a cure for Parkinson’s

If you fancy doing it yourself click here – it looks brilliant!!

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