It’s what we do!

When asked what a design agency does, it’s hard to explain. The scope is vast and over the past 35 years there’s been a lot of creations come out of the minds at Freestone HQ.

So when ŠKODA  called up to ask if we could design a livery for a one-off KAROQ-based SUV they were creating for cyclists, we were up for the challenge.

ŠKODA surveyed over 1500 cyclists to determine the most wished for features to fit to the one-off concept KAROQ Velo.

This one-off concept now boasts a number of modifications perfect for the keenest cyclist including a spin cycle washing machine, full tool kit and puncture repair facilities, comprehensive LED lighting system for night repairs and a bespoke cradle mount in the boot for a third bike.

ŠKODA  even came up with a Follow Me drone with bonnet-mounted magnetic landing pad with supporting inbuilt Wi-Fi hotspot for downloading the footage. Not forgetting ŠKODA ’s emergency call function just in case you need it.

All this and one awesome livery designed by Freestone Creative made for an amazing concept.

Whilst the KAROQ Velo is a one-off concept and not destined for sale, a fully-working example will be used as a cycling support vehicle in the coming months.