It’s the real thing

Coke logoTenuous heading link I know, but those of you who were watching television back in the early seventies could well remember the headline ‘it’s the real thing’. It could also potentially conjure up a vision of a hilltop covered with young adults from all over the world singing Coca-Cola’s very latest publicity song (entitled: I’d like to teach the world to sing ); it was a massive campaign and quite difficult to miss, all part of being a world-wide brand.

2016 and Freestone is truly proud to announce the addition of Coca-Cola to our client list, as we are already working on a number of projects including an interesting business solution web app. In line with Coca-Cola’s closely guarded recipe, client confidentiality prevents us from going into too much detail, so we thought we’d share some random but fun facts about the Coca-Cola brand.

Coca-Cola was invented by an American pharmacist John Stith Pemberton back in 1886. Unbelievably the drink was invented as a cure for various ailments including headaches and coincidentally impotence (yes, indeed – it was marketed as a miracle drink).

Moving sharply on to the brand based facts:

Not totally surprising, but ‘Coca-Cola’ is top of the most understood terms in the world today (alongside ‘okay’) – still an astonishing achievement on a brand level …whatever happened to Pepsi-Cola?

The brand is said to be recognised by 90% of the world’s population. Frankly, I am surprised it’s not higher – where have the other 10% been hiding? The western world even recognises the company’s corporate wave element when used in isolation.

Finally, it is said, that if you placed all the 8oz coke bottles end to end, it would reach the moon and back over 1,000 times – probably just as well we recycle nowadays, otherwise we would be knee deep in them!