How far will you go… Update

fullsizerenderWe thought we would share the news that Harry, one of our intrepid adventurers and as it appears ‘a bit of an adrenaline junkie’ (see initial post) flew out in advance of his Rally start date to meet his friends and fellow team mates (another two chaps) to familiarise himself with the Rickshaw in what the rally organisers call ‘the Pimping week’ – this is when you’re supposed to learn how to drive and decorate your Tuc Tuc, fair to say, all was going rather swimmingly until…

The flag dropped and the rally was off – sadly it wasn’t going to be Harry’s day, two hours in, whilst leaning out trying to counterbalance a turn… (call me old fashioned but I would consider this a slightly Kamikaze activity, plus you have to ask, didn’t he know about murphy’s law of relativity?)

harry-next-to-x-ray Anyway the long and short of it was that Harry and the Tuc Tuc became separated at speed, and it turns out the human body isn’t really designed to hit the ground at 35-40mph – the priority now was finding medical attention. Being ever resourceful his team mates used google maps to find the nearest hospital which turned out to be a mere 70km away! This equates to 2 hrs quality Tuc Tuc time. But, once safely there, he tells us it would be difficult to fault their levels of efficiency (unlike our UK A&E) – within 5 minutes they had him cleaned up, within 20 minutes they had him X-rayed and within the hour he had been discharged with pain killers and a load of other medication, and of course his broken collar bone, diagnosis complete with supporting X-rays. Unbelievably the fee for this outstanding and super prompt service totalled the princely sum of £6!



It was very obvious the rally was rather prematurely over for Harry, he would have to ‘cut and run’ as they say.

With this in mind, next stop had to be the Airport (yes, directly from the hospital), unfortunately the Gods of misfortune had caught up with him again and this time successfully deployed the world, his auntie and all of his cousins to the airport to intervene in his departure.
The airport was absolutely rammed, one of Harry’s team mates tried in vein to book him on the next and last flight out – admitting defeat, the team booked into a local hotel for a night and in true TopGear style, ‘crack of sparrows’ the following morning (5.00 am) the two remaining team members bid Harry a hearty “cyah” and hi-tailed it out of there in an effort to catch up with the rest of the rally goers.

Harry now had some time to kill, and having been unceremoniously evicted from his lodgings, set-up camp in a local restaurant and waited for his flight. Suitably anaesthetised with more sympathy than he frankly deserved, two curries (yes two curries!) and three pints of fosters later he was on his flight back to sunny Blighty – there his tale ends. The moral of this story? I’m not entirely sure but he’s certainly got some unforgettable memories and great stories!