G&T anybody?

From event management to product packaging, in this case we were asked to get involved in the production of a premium craft ‘Gin bottle label’, a new client for Freestone. Although this innocent looking label looks like a simple enough print job to the uninitiated, I can report it isn’t. We knew as soon as we set eyes on it – that it would present some interesting challenges – absolutely fine – we thrive on challenges.

Firstly, you will note if you look carefully, the bottle sides are tilted inward; this actually means the design has to be arched like a horse shoe to look flat and level when it’s on the bottle. This sort of ‘warping’ does all manner of strange things to typography and illustrations if it isn’t part of an extended process of pre-stretching or compression (on its horizontal axis in this case).

Secondly, it is not all that clear from the images but the copper foiling covers large areas, as well as fine detail. These extreme opposites do again present the printer with some fairly unique technical issues, not to mention tackling some rather testing registration and grip challenges – all in a day’s work when you’ve got people with over 30 years’ experience on the case. We’re pleased to say all parties are pleased with the results and the bottles will soon be adorning the shelves of some very exclusive bars and restaurants (sadly not available to the public direct as yet).
The still life photography below is just one of a suite of publicity images we shot in our in-house studio…  want to know more?  give us a call on 01908 265656.