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Back in 1984 some great things were created…

Italy’s most famous car marque, Ferrari, launched the iconic Testarossa.

Hollywood produced future classics such as The Terminator, Gremlins, Footloose, The Karate Kid and Beverly Hills Cop and fortunately George Orwell’s dystopian future hadn’t materialised.

Meanwhile in the small market town of Towcester, Stuart Freestone founded Freestone Creative.

35 years later and still as fresh, Freestone Creative take a look back on the journey taken to get where we are now.

Where it all began…

In a small room above the local butchers, Stuart and a small team started then known, Freestone Design.

In 1985 and after outgrowing the butchers shop the team relocated to Milton Keynes with clients including Mercedes-Benz, Laing Homes and Abby National (now Santander) in tow.

By the late 80’s and with shell suits reaching fashion frenzy status, Freestone was really taking off, 10 strong and once again outgrowing its current location.

A derelict water pumping station in Stony Stratford was purchased. With the renovation project completed in April 1991 the Freestone team moved into its new dedicated studio, complete with separate client facing team to better service its clients, which now included Aston Martin.

Between 1995 and 2000, Oasis were busy becoming one of the world’s most successful bands. Freestone were busy adding two 2,500 sq. ft extensions to the original pump house creating 7,500 sq. ft of space to house the growing creative, digital and account management teams.

Back to the future…

Some things may have changed slightly since the mid 80’s but the same ethos remains at Freestone 35 years later.

Our client retention record is a testament to our customer satisfaction ethics, and we look forward to creating more relationships with new partners over the coming years.

Many thanks to our loyal customers.

Collection of images showing Freestone HQ