freestone onAIR with Adobe

As I write this article on the train home, you’d think that the last thing I’d want to do when I get back tonight is switch on my Mac and get stuck into some code. However, after spending the day at The Brewery in Chiswell Street (London) with some of Adobe’s top Product Developers and Platform Evangelists, I’ve been left with the ‘kid in a sweet shop’ feeling, and the best thing is, the sweets are all free.

So what have I been up to? Myself, along with Rowan, have been attending Adobe’s London leg of the onAIR tour – a series of seminars showcasing the recently released Adobe AIR platform – the next great leap forward in Rich Internet Application development, or to put it simpler; delivering engaging, interactive (and online) content to the desktop environment. The Adobe AIR runtime; which forms the basis to run .air applications, could be described as the desktop counterpart of the Adobe Flash Player (something you’ve come across in your web browser before, right?). However it boasts additional functionality – we’ve written an article all about Adobe AIR here. This new platform essentially opens up many new gateways for freestone to develop engaging content for our clients and their consumers. Adobe’s choice to use the Flash Player’s VM2 (Virtual Machine Version 2 – the brain of the Adobe Flash Player) does mean a programming leap to the newly adopted ActionScript 3 coding language, however we’re already ahead of the game with several online projects being built to this new specification (great!). freestone’s interactive development team, working across many coding languages and disciplines, continue to push the boundaries of what we can do with the web, and have essentially hit the ground running with the release of AIR. By the time AIR was officially released in March 2008, freestone had already deployed a successful internet enabled data capture application for a live event – this worked with a developer preview release of the AIR runtime. By the end of March freestone had already been looking into the platform for a good few months, so we’re excited the runtime is now available (for free) to the public.

We’ll be looking to showcase some of our learnings by deploying some sample RIAs for you to play with in the coming weeks. The AIR runtime is available to download from but be sure to read our related articles about Adobe AIR and Rich Internet Applications.