freestone off-piste 2008 – Morzine

The now infamous freestone ski trip was joined by quite a few extra people this year… with a total of ten of us heading off to the Alps for the weekend!

In true Gladiator style we entered the ski arena… and yes, you guessed it by lunchtime on the first day we were already down to nine… with Jo severely damaging her knee in a fall and having to be rescued from the mountain on a skidoo! Robin very graciously hopped on the back, not sure it was out of the goodness of his heart or more likely he was feeling exhausted from the morning’s skiing (or the previous night’s drinking!).

It was a real shame for Jo, as she missed what turned out to be some of the season’s best snow. With 30cms falling overnight we were up and off for the day leaving Jo with a bag of frozen peas on her leg! (We are such a considerate bunch!)

All in all a great couple of days… which concluded with us all nearly missing the flight home whilst pushing Jo around Geneva airport in a wheelchair like a scene from Benny Hill (a reference for the older TV watchers… and no it’s not Harry Hill – he’s the one with the large glasses and big collar!)