Focus on a team member #1

Rikki-under-his-106Love them or loath them, the interesting thing about the people you work with everyday
is you tend to spend more awake time with them than you do with your partner, wife, husband, family or friends!  (I know there are exceptions…)

But do you ever know them… in real terms the answer is unlikely to be yes.
It’s quite intriguing really. So we thought it could be interesting to have a ‘bit of a delve’ and share our findings and young Rikki, one of our senior designers is our first victim sorry ‘candidate’. Firstly, he’s a quiet and unassuming chap and doesn’t talk much about his life outside work (not to me anyway).

It transpires, Rikki actually spends a significant amount of his spare time preparing his ‘quite meaningful’ Peugeot 106 GTI track day car.
Basically he’s stripped off all of its creature comforts and by the sound of things – a lot more besides in an effort to make it super light –
he’s fitted high performance motorcycle carburettors (there goes any economy the car had),
installed an extra oil cooler, full adjustable suspension with strut brace – to stiffen it all up, a full roll cage, bucket seats,
the side windows are perplex ….. the list goes on and on.

‘Well I never’
If we hadn’t asked what all these bits were that kept arriving at the office from ebay and car performance houses,
we’d be none the wiser.