Creating a brand…not a just a logo

Thousands of people all around the world love the Harley-Davidson brand so much they permanently ink it onto their body. What brand would you consider having tattooed on your body?

Can you afford not to invest in your brand logo?

You have worked your heart out to build your business. You have given blood, sweat and tears. You have invested your money, possibly some of the bank’s money and even money from family and friends to get to where you are now.

But one of the most important investments still to make is your brand logo.

If you’re thinking it’s just a logo and not worth investing too much time and money, think again.

Take the following companies for example. How people aspire to own, wear or be seen with their products and therefore how valuable that brand actually is. Apple, Red Bull, Samsung, Adidas and Rolex. Just a few examples of companies that have developed amazing brands that people want to own and be associated with.

As a creative design agency, we receive enquiries all the time from companies asking for a new logo or to refresh what they already have.

When we are approached by a business there are several questions we will always ask. What’s the companies mission statement, what the company does, its USPs and target audience, the industry it works within, its competitors and its brand voice. Only by investigating the company can we get an understanding of what the logo needs to represent to develop a brand.

So, if you’re looking at investing in your brand logo and want to talk to an agency that will walk you through the process using over 30 years experience, contact Freestone Creative.

Anyone can create a logo. Freestone will create you a brand.