Could this be the smallest livery we’ve done…

img_3300…well, I think it might be, but frankly I don’t know for sure. We’re no stranger to unusual requests. In fact, they’re pretty much the norm (which does beg to challenge my use of the word ‘unusual’ I guess). So when we were asked to put an accurate DPD livery on this small model van, there really wasn’t any doubt over whether we could do it. It was just a question over how long it would take!

Like most jobs, there’s always an ‘ickle bit more’ to them than initially meets the eye.

First we had to create the livery artwork (sourcing the current logo and reference material). It might as well have been a full-size van as every detail had to be ultimately convincing. Once complete, we printed our artwork on ultra-thin transparent self-adhesive material. (In these cases we always print a few extra to accommodate any ‘fitting issues’). Our model had back windows, unlike most DPD vans, so those had to be covered up with white vinyl before we started the livery application. Fitting was slightly challenging, with the need for reasonable eyesight and a steady hand a foregone conclusion. Finally, livery successfully applied, the model was fixed to a personalised panel and that in turn mounted to the base of the display box. Job done.

Not to be mistaken for a toy in any way, a model like this could make a very memorable and precious gift for a VIP if, say, you ran a delivery firm or sold fleet vehicles. So give us a call it if ticks your box.