Contain the Flame – Kick Starting a Creative Partnership in Lockdown

Freestone believe in a creative partnership with our clients, and there is no better example of this than in today’s Kick Starter launch of Contain the Flame.

Cornelius, an extremely enthusiastic entrepreneur, has been successfully manufacturing his own product of Eco-Fire Starters for the past few months and wants to build this into a successful business. Already tested, with a Kickstarter campaign previously, that generated plenty of interest in his product.

He needed advice and help on the brand and its application but he had limited budget.

We invited him in for a no-obligation chat, prior to lockdown, so he could tell us about his product and his vision. Then, together, we brainstormed names for his brand and product, ideas on how to package his product within a certain budget and what would be the most appropriate look and feel. We also researched his competitors on-line. In an initial consultation meeting that lasted just over two hours, Cornelius had plenty of food for thought.

We set him three tasks:

1. Choose the name of your product?

2. Where will you market your product?

3. How will you present your product?

Cornelius was very happy with our partnership approach and felt comforted that we understood the constraint of his budget but also felt he was getting added value above and beyond with impartial advice and ideas to help grow his brand, so commissioned us to create his brand.

He came back a few weeks later with a name for his company – Contain the Flame – and a name for his product – Eco-Fire Starters. Also, with one eye on the future, he created Eco-Fire Strips, Eco-Fire Dust and Eco-Fire Sheets.

All to be marketed on line. We had already advised him that rather than the expense of a bespoke web site to sell his product, use an existing platform such as – where he could build and manage the site himself. Allowing his budget to be used elsewhere in the start-up of his business.

He had discussed our collective ideas on packaging with a few manufacturers and knew how he wanted to pack his product. Certain requirements needed to be applied to the branding to achieve this.

We visualised several branding options that would fit his marketing needs and packaging budgets and today he launches with his chosen designs.

Even in these challenging times, Cornelius has already acquired new offices and a production facility in Northamptonshire, as he takes those steps to his ultimate goals of selling his product in major retail stores.

A great partnership, that began before the lockdown, and has developed through the lockdown, and will hopefully grow over the coming years after the lockdown.

And all born from an initial no-obligation chat in the Freestone Creative meeting room. 

Interested in establishing a creative partnership for your brand? Call or email us and we will be glad to help. 

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