Charity work in Africa

screen-shot-2016-09-30-at-15-19-21Wendy (Freestone Creative’s Company Secretary) is off soon to darkest deepest Africa to spend time with Smile Malawi – a charity that provides a home, family, education and love for orphaned and vulnerable children who would otherwise be living on the streets.

Inspired by some friends who visited the charity last summer, Wendy didn’t hesitate when the opportunity arose to visit and help out, saying “At the back of my mind, it’s something I’ve felt I’ve always wanted to do.”

She is realistic about the trip. “I absolutely know I can’t change the world, sadly far from it. I just hope I can bring a little extra light into a few young lives, basically let them know, there are people out there who actually care and want to help.”

Wendy’s had an unbelievably generous response from all the people and companies she contacted (including MK Dons Football Club and Lego ), and so will be setting off with an extra suitcase full of clothes and games… Freestone Creative have agreed to support her quest (and her excess baggage fee).


Trip now over Wendy has returned… here are a few snaps

One of the little boys enjoying the Lego that was kindly donated by the Lego Foundation


Teaching English to a class of 100 children


A happy bunch

2500 children in the local infant and junior school – 35 teachers… they have their hands full


One of the little chaps took this picture while the others got very excited showing their muscles


The Lego was a massive hit…