Bright lights… big City! New York? No…


No amount of preparation can ready you for the culture shock of your first visit to Japan. I have been before to have, of all things, a rather large tattoo in Osaka in 2003, but this trip to Tokyo and then onto Kyoto on the Shinkansen ( bullet train) was the first official freestone visit to Japan.

Arriving in Tokyo with Stuart and Robin, we spent the first 24 hours wandering around in a daze, like a scene from Lost in Translation! And let’s face it, wouldn’t we all like to bump into Scarlett Johansson in the hotel lobby! Anyway, instead of being in town to shoot a whisky commercial, we were there to pay our respects to Korg Founder Mr. Tsutomu Katoh – a very great honour for us indeed. We had been working for Korg for 10 years at the time of our trip, so it seemed appropriate to mark the event with a trip to Japan to meet Mr Katoh himself.

We spent a very interesting day at Korg Inc. and then departed for the hotel around 3pm… at that stage we worked out we had been up for approx 27 hours!!! Anyway, enjoy the snaps, if you ever get a chance to go to Japan, jump at it… it’s a fascinating place.

n.b. If you have been to Tokyo and wondered how to catch that numb sense of jetlag … you have to check out the movie: Lost in Translation