Sponsored bike ride… well sort of

I recently got talked into participating in a world-wide ‘sponsored motorcycle ride’ on the basis that obviously it’s a good cause (but then aren’t they all). It’s no secret, I quite like motorcycles and have been known to don a little bit of tweed (not often – honest!)…  but that’s OK because it happens to be the set dress code for the event, so all in all, actually ‘on paper’ it’s an almost perfect fit (unlike the tweed suit that l will be wearing on the day).

So what’s it all about then? In brief – it’s a world-wide sponsored Continue reading

…one of those show biz pregnant pauses

followed by the winner is… (insert lengthy awkward pause)… ‘Freestone Creative’, yay!
…Unaccustomed as I am, I’d like to thank my Mother, my auntie Mary… joking aside we’re actually really over the moon here. I think at this stage I must point out that to make sense of this post you might have to read the previous post (and the winner is La La Land). But in a nutshell Freestone Creative were nominated and ‘won’ an industry award for advertising.
Each year the recommended agency register download their ratings to identify which agencies are the highest-rated by their clients, and recognise Continue reading

the Nominations are…. La La land…

Most people can remember the moment Faye Dunaway and Warren Beatty incorrectly named La La Land as the winner of best picture in the Oscars feb 2017, it was a slightly uncomfortable moment to say the least – the audience looked on with absolute disbelief as did the cast and crew of La La Land, the stage fell into disarray Warren Beatty retook the mic and ad-libbed an excuse/explanation … as with all these things people are less likely to remember the rightful winner… (Moonlight)

Apparently death threats followed and some poor back stage people managed to get themselves nominated as official scape goats and Continue reading

No room at the Inn


In 2017 Porsche GB approached Freestone to find a creative solution to hosting up to 100 of the World’s Press to witness the World Premiere launch of the Mighty 911 GT2 RS (see earlier blog), at the 4 day Goodwood Festival of Speed.
With accommodation close to the popular Goodwood event, a near impossibility for so many guests (hence the title of the blog), it called for a different approach.  Continue reading

G&T anybody?

From event management to product packaging, in this case we were asked to get involved in the production of a premium craft ‘Gin bottle label’, a new client for Freestone. Although this innocent looking label looks like a simple enough print job to the uninitiated, I can report it isn’t. We knew as soon as we set eyes on it – that it would present some interesting challenges – absolutely fine – we thrive on challenges.

Firstly, you will note if you look carefully, the bottle sides are tilted inward; this actually means the design has to be arched like a horse shoe Continue reading