Freestone now on top 100 agency list

We’re extremely pleased to report Freestone Creative has made it into the well-respected trade publisher ‘Design Week top 100 agencies’ list. We’re all really chuffed here at Freestone, it’s the first time we’ve been involved. The survey provides a detailed analysis into the financial state of the industry. It ranks the 100 most successful independent UK design businesses, spotlighting growth trends, projections and staffing levels throughout the industry.
In reality, we believe the placement is a form of recognition and enhances our credibility within the industry. Need to know more? Why not give us a call?


Focus on team member #2

wendy on the stairs at the RAContinuing along the theme of looking at team members’ lives outside of the studio (frankly being a bit nosey). Wendy, our Company Secretary here at Freestone Creative has her own sculpture space at home; her passion ‘outside of the office’ is creating sculpture commissions and other fine art and I have to report, not without a reasonable amount of success.

She has recently been selected to display a piece of her work in the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition; she sold 5 of the 10 limited edition pieces on the preview evening and the rest within days of the doors opening. Continue reading

Focus on a team member #1

Rikki-under-his-106Love them or loath them, the interesting thing about the people you work with everyday
is you tend to spend more awake time with them than you do with your partner, wife, husband, family or friends!  (I know there are exceptions…)

But do you ever know them… in real terms the answer is unlikely to be yes.
It’s quite intriguing really. So we thought it could be interesting to have a ‘bit of a delve’ and share our findings and young Rikki, one of our senior designers is our first victim sorry ‘candidate’. Firstly, he’s a quiet and unassuming chap and doesn’t talk much about his life outside work (not to me anyway). Continue reading

It’s the real thing

Coke logoTenuous heading link I know, but those of you who were watching television back in the early seventies could well remember the headline ‘it’s the real thing’. It could also potentially conjure up a vision of a hilltop covered with young adults from all over the world singing Coca-Cola’s very latest publicity song (entitled: I’d like to teach the world to sing ); it was a massive campaign and quite difficult to miss, all part of being a world-wide brand.

2016 and Freestone is truly proud to announce the addition of Coca-Cola to our client list, as we are already working on a number of projects including Continue reading

Could this be the Largest livery we’ve done…

unimog…. well actually no it isn’t, but it is quite big and very striking even though I say it myself. And it follows on nicely from our last post, so we thought we would share it. This vehicle is the very latest Mercedes-Benz Unimog, a genuine thing of purpose. In fact, Mercedes-Benz claims it actually has over a thousand potential functions, too many to list. The patriotic wrap was just a small part of ‘Unimog Live’, a recent event designed to increase customer and dealership perception of the vehicle’s unique and universal selling points. Delegates were given a three-part presentation, aptly named PlayMog, Talkmog and,

Continue reading