Bringing music to your ears!

LIMS (London International Music Show) at Excel once again presented a great opportunity for musicians from all over the country to get a hands on experience with the latest products to be released onto the market.

With three public days preceded by a trade day the show drew in the crowds, with visitors seemingly prepared to brave the Tube strike and problems on the Docklands Light Railway. Continue reading

The Boneshaker Arrives!

Some of you will no doubt know that early in 2007 I decided to join the ever growing army of “grey bikers”… …although I must admit I caused my mother some concern ( yes even at my age) as when I phoned her and said I had joined the ever growing ranks of the grey bikers, she miss heard me and thought I said gay bikers, and asked me what about my wife and two children!!!! Continue reading

Frankfurt Musik Messe 2008

4 articulated lorries and our crew headed off for a week of sausage (oo er missus!) once again (I think that’s 15 years for some of us!) in early March, and after months of planning it was great to see the stands come to fruition for many of our clients on the MI side, including Korg, Vox, Line 6, SSL and Remo. Continue reading

Lotus Shoot – Lisbon Portugal

“what a fantastic project to work on!” – was the first thought of our Art Director before he headed off for a week in Portugal, however His opinion might have changed after tackling snow and rock falls during the first two days, and then having the fuel drained from the car transporter in Lisbon! … all that said the trials and tribulations of the week’s shoot produced some fantastic imagery for the Lotus Elise and Exige…and at the end of the day it truly was a fantastic project to work on. Continue reading

freestone check out the NAAM show, in LA.

The NAMM Show is the place to be for anyone lucky enough to belong to this industry. We attended various meetings with clients over a couple of days, and even managed to fit a bit of bike riding into our quick visit, with Robin and myself hopping on the back of Stuart’s Fatboy for a death defying trip up Topanga Canyon… but that’s another story! Continue reading