Assurance by way of recommendation

If you’re not familiar with the RAR ‘accreditation’ this is the best way to describe it:
  • RAR+ stands for the Recommended Agencies Register.
  • They are a directory of qualified and approved creative agencies.
  • To become ‘approved or accredited’ the agency needs to prove expertise in a number of relevant industry disciplines.
These ‘discipline ratings’ cannot be influenced – they ask the agencies’ clients to qualify and rate them in each claimed expertise area. RAR then work out your rating, based on the average scores from your clients.

In simple terms we have a solid and proven track record and the logo is effectively an accreditation of assurance.

Here are just a few client comments from the initial accreditation process (needless to say – we were all very humbled by their statements)

  • The company in general have built up a very good reputation, so we do highly recommend their service.
  • Freestone Creative are an excellent, highly creative design agency who provide extremely cost effective solutions in a timely manner. Having worked with them continuously for some 20 years, I cannot recommend them more highly.
  • I would not put design work through any other agency – I am very happy with Freestone. The level of work, account management, and creative is second-to-none, and I would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone.
  • Good to do business with Creative people
  • Freestone have never let me down, they always deliver on projects that they undertake no matter the size or speed of turn around. The team at Freestone are motivated and they put their clients at the heart of what they do. They are a pleasure to work with.
  • The agency performs above all others we know, and have dealt with, which is why they are our first and only choice.
  • Freestone are a fantastic agency, I thoroughly enjoy working with them and would always recommend their services. Extremely approachable, and understand my business requirements.
  • Freestone Design are a very creative agency, who deliver on time, on budget and on brand. Everything you would want from you creative support agency.
  • Freestone have been supporting my business for more than 10 years. During that period Freestones’s passion, creativity and focus hasn’t faltered, once. They understand the importance of the role they play for their clients and set about delivering it with purpose and integrity, while always demostrating a level of customer service that would put John Lewis to shame!

If you wish to know more don’t hesitate to give us a call.