Organisation charts in a digital age

At the beginning of the summer, one of our long standing clients in Milton Keynes contacted us with a brief. They wanted to help their 600+ colleagues understand how all the departments within their business connected with each other. In a complex business world, where individuals can become engrossed in their own micro world, it was not always obvious what vital role each department plays in the continuing success of their business.

The client had the idea but didn’t know the best execution. They didn’t want yet another printed organisational chart that would be filed away, rarely used, and they wanted something more than a corporate powerpoint presentation. We were also on a tight timescale as the launch of the project was part of a wider internal campaign. We only had 6 weeks and it had to be right first time.

It was quickly established that the only viable route was the construction of a web application which would allow data to be easily updated to reflect organisational changes and added functionality to enhance communication between the different departments through the inclusion of key contacts, departmental facts and statistics.

This project would involve both the creative graphic design team and the web and digital solutions team at Freestone. Both teams needed to work closely together to come up with a unique concept for the client which was creative visually, informative and engaging. Once the look, feel and functionality was agreed with the client, the digital team set about building the web application, working with the client to ensure the initial data supplied would integrate seamlessly with the site.

The site was launched on the client’s own internal servers at the beginning of October 2018 with the following key features:

  • Secure email login authentication system (controlled by domain and token);
  • Department and staff editor;
  • Intelligent search capabilities;
  • Bespoke user and department statistics;
  • Flexible responsive design (based on Materialise);
  • Developed with Laravel;
  • Tested and hosted on AWS;

Unfortunately, we cannot show any of the concepts or the final web application here due to the nature of the content and our own stringent ISO27001 policies – sorry.