A Time for Giving

They say that Christmas is a time for giving, and this year at freestone we’ve taken that phrase to heart. What’s more, we’ve decided to do our giving to those who clearly need it most.

So this year instead of forking out on the usual celebratory Christmas meal, we’ve purchased a selection of gifts that Oxfam will distribute to some of the most unfortunate people on our shared planet. By using our ‘Christmas party money’ in this way not only are we providing useful, practical and essential gifts designed to last a lifetime and longer, we’re also avoiding some nasty hangovers – and that can’t be a bad thing!

So on behalf of our clients we’ve purchased a selection of animals, foods, farming tools, clothes, and books as well as an entire well building project, all of which will undoubtedly help build more prosperous futures for the people that make up the African communities where the gifts are being distributed and implemented.

Of course, we couldn’t do all this without giving it a real Christmas feel, so we decided to choose our gifts with the help of a certain well-known Christmas carol.

Now you can join us in singing it. (Go on, you know you want to!) Here’s how it goes.

The 12 gifts from freestone.

12 Rods for fishing
11 (hundred) pupils eating
10 sacks of seedlings
9 mo-zzie nets
8 books for learning
7 bags of clothing
6 teachers teaching
5 Nuu-urses
4 bee-e-hives
3 pairs o’ pigs
And a villa-age with its own well.

Merry Christmas and a happy new year from all at freestone creative!