A survey to see if you don’t mind surveys. How does that work then?

rar-recommendedIt might be just me, but I’m not overly keen on customer satisfaction surveys. However, in a quick straw poll – which I guess is actually a survey in itself, albeit one to see if you don’t mind surveys…although hang on, if you didn’t like surveys you probably wouldn’t volunteer an answer, so, er, brushing that minor observation under the carpet – the results appear to point out I am in the minority.

As if to confirm this very point, it seems our contacts and clients are happy to complete surveys and give reviews about us. Not only that, they have all been hugely complimentary, as we have achieved ‘recommended status’ on the Recommended Agency Register. Thank you to all of you who took the time. We really are grateful.

More information can on the Recommended Agency Register – can be found on our earlier blog: Assurance by way of recommendation

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Some of our company testimonials – thank you to all who took the time