It’s the real thing

Coke logoTenuous heading link I know, but those of you who were watching television back in the early seventies could well remember the headline ‘it’s the real thing’. It could also potentially conjure up a vision of a hilltop covered with young adults from all over the world singing Coca-Cola’s very latest publicity song (entitled: I’d like to teach the world to sing ); it was a massive campaign and quite difficult to miss, all part of being a world-wide brand.

2016 and Freestone is truly proud to announce the addition of Coca-Cola to our client list, as we are already working on a number of projects including Continue reading

Could this be the Largest livery we’ve done…

unimog…. well actually no it isn’t, but it is quite big and very striking even though I say it myself. And it follows on nicely from our last post, so we thought we would share it. This vehicle is the very latest Mercedes-Benz Unimog, a genuine thing of purpose. In fact, Mercedes-Benz claims it actually has over a thousand potential functions, too many to list. The patriotic wrap was just a small part of ‘Unimog Live’, a recent event designed to increase customer and dealership perception of the vehicle’s unique and universal selling points. Delegates were given a three-part presentation, aptly named PlayMog, Talkmog and,

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Could this be the smallest livery we’ve done…

img_3300…well, I think it might be, but frankly I don’t know for sure. We’re no stranger to unusual requests. In fact, they’re pretty much the norm (which does beg to challenge my use of the word ‘unusual’ I guess). So when we were asked to put an accurate DPD livery on this small model van, there really wasn’t any doubt over whether we could do it. It was just a question over how long it would take!

Like most jobs, there’s always an ‘ickle bit more’ to them than initially meets the eye.

First we had to create the livery artwork (sourcing the current logo and reference material). It might as well have been a full-size van as Continue reading

A survey to see if you don’t mind surveys. How does that work then?

rar-recommendedIt might be just me, but I’m not overly keen on customer satisfaction surveys. However, in a quick straw poll – which I guess is actually a survey in itself, albeit one to see if you don’t mind surveys…although hang on, if you didn’t like surveys you probably wouldn’t volunteer an answer, so, er, brushing that minor observation under the carpet – the results appear to point out I am in the minority.

As if to confirm this very point, it seems our contacts and clients are happy to complete surveys and give reviews about us. Not only that, they have all been hugely complimentary,  Continue reading