Display and install project

PORSCHEThe start of a new year and the start of a new business relationship – we are very pleased and excited to announce the completion of a display and install project for Porsche Cars GB limited. The project started just before the festive break with installation between Christmas day and New Year’s day in order to minimise disruption, quite common in this sort of work.

Porsche like many automobile manufacturers have an enormous following of dedicated and loyal customers, their ‘core product’ considered by many to be the legendary 911, a model that has undeniably iconic motoring status.

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Seemed like a good idea at the time…

Monte_Carlo_or_Bust_Rally_logoOur story starts around a conversation I had (in a pub – I should have known better) with a friend ‘Shaun the barber’ (yes, that is his real name and yes, that is what he does for a living). The conversation was about one of my brother’s quite barmy road trips, basically you drive an old car that you have bought for barely more than its scrap value, across a continent or land mass on a pre-set and organised route. On this route you will have to complete set challenges (slightly concerned about these) and upon completion (assuming your car makes it) your beloved motor is sold for scrap and the funds raised donated to charity – apparently the scrapman drives you Continue reading