17 Years of Goodwood Festival of Speed

The Goodwood Festival of Speed is 20 years old this summer, and we’ve been involved for 17 of them. We’ve just put the finishing touches to Skoda’s special preview press information pack – designed to provide information-hungry journalists with everything they need to cover one of the most prestigious weekends in the motoring calendar. It’s a little-known fact that the press get their own preview event, informing them what’s happening in advance so they can give us a glimpse of the highlights: “It is widely rumoured that Manufacturer A will be launching its latest offering …” As in previous years, Continue reading

The Great Easter Egg Hunt

Having recently completed the successful Bird Brothers’ rebrand we are now pleased to announce completion of a suite of egg box labels. A particular favourite of mine is the ’10 Bloomin Big Eggs’ which depicts a friendly farmer/egg caricature on a very patriotic union flag graphic.
So, look out for them on the high street. We will be giving a £100 iTunes voucher for the most creative photo taken in your local store – just e-mail it with your name, phone number and address to [email protected] – subject ‘egg boxes’ by 31 March 2013. Judges’ decision sadly final. We reserve the right to publish any entries received. All entries will be kept anonymous.