School boy dreams are made of this…

…I can’t understand how we appear to have let this important piece of news slip through the net without a mention on our News Blog – pretty remiss to be honest. Working alongside the marketing and production teams at Aston Martin we are proud to announce the creation of a very exclusive and limited number of V12 Zagato brochures. The hand-finished brochure – as you would expect – not only details interior and external options for the prospective customer, it also features Aston Martin car designers’ initial concepts/sketches, beautiful images of the car in its meticulous production and pays homage to the historic collaboration between Continue reading

Bird Brothers re-brand for 2013

The team is very pleased to report we have just completed a successful re-brand for Bird Brothers. Established in the late 60’s and now supplying over one hundred million eggs per year to wholesalers, High Street multiples, independent retailers, catering suppliers, greengrocers, butchers and bakers. To state the obvious ‘that’s a lot of eggs’, made all the more impressive when you consider their incredibly modest starting point some 40 years ago – namely drive, vision and some chickens on a council-owned allotment.
If you are interested or are considering a re-brand or a similar project, why not Continue reading

New Profile web site

We appear to have had a bit of a run on websites just recently. This particular example was just part of a complete re-branding exercise for our client, Profile, a specialist world-wide executive recruitment firm. The site is wholly ‘CMS’ driven (Content Management System) which means our client has total content control from pretty much anywhere with internet access. CMS is becoming our most commonly requested feature within new website briefings. Despite it requiring a little more upfront investment, clients almost certainly reap the cost benefits in future editing. Continue reading