No Job too Small

You often hear the term ‘no job too small’. Well in our case I think this is one of the smallest we have handled recently. That doesn’t make it any less important – far from it. To be honest there’s probably just as much effort that goes into a 3cm single column ad as any size advertisement. The words still have to be considered as carefully – it still has to travel down the same concept, approval and artwork delivery chain. The impact/results/value for budget still have to be measured by the client – quite tricky in this particular case. Listening for those immortal words “I saw your ad and…. Continue reading

Skoda Citigo press pack

Recently launched to the world, Skoda’s small but perfectly formed Citigo has taken up position to conquer the small car market in the UK and why wouldn’t it? It certainly ticks all the boxes and a few besides. This will be the very latest in a string of hugely successful model launches, all quite astonishing in today’s environment. We would love to claim we were totally responsible for this ‘against trend’ success but sadly that would be rather stretching the truth. Having said that, we did play our part. Working closely with the PR and Marketing department we conceived the Citigo’s press pack and its extensive contents which included video presentations, Continue reading