A quiet night out

Thursday night and just over half the team ventured out into the wilds of downtown Milton Keynes to catch a burger and a movie, but not just any movie, it had to be the countrys latest block buster and ‘hilarious’ comedy “the Inbetweeners”. apparently the movie smashed UK records with £13m in the first weekend (2.5m on the first day). Not bad when you consider it is reported to have only cost 3.5m. (considered very low in the Continue reading

Congratulations to Skoda UK

Hot off the press, the Skoda UK team not only surpassed their own target of 200mph, but smashed the Bonneville class record (which we are told stood at 216mph for a 2 litre car) with an amazing 227.080mph. That’s over over 10mph quicker. Quite an achievement when you consider this is their first outing (considered a rookie team) and the car was still very much on the drawing board 3 months ago. Brilliant well done guys! The team were Continue reading

Pimp my smart

Freestonecreative have just completed this very striking chrome livery/wrap ahead of the smart festival at Mercedes-Benz World Brooklands, Weybridge (September 10th 2011). This years event is set to be the world’s largest single-day gathering of smarts. Amongst the many attractions, visitors and fans will be able to test the difference between the different models including the lastest fortwo electric drive. Other attractions include Continue reading

Skoda’s 200mph attempt at Bonneville salt flats

Our team here have been busy turning our clients vision into reality, in this particular case a car livery and other collateral for Skoda’s first attempt at reaching 200mph – celebrating 10 years of the vRS model range. In order to achieve this task a team of very clever Skoda technicians and engine specialists from REVO have managed to squeeze a gargantuan 600hp out of a 2.0L engine. Continue reading